I used to spend hours each week trying to solve IT problems but now I don’t have to. Productivity in our nonprofit has gone up ten fold.

“There are so many benefits for us.

Having an out-sourced IT desk and working with INVAR has been wonderful, there are so many benefits for us:

  • There’s always someone available to solve problems
  • We’ve been able to do special projects that we wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise
  • We’re much more organised
  • In the long-run we’ve saved money

We trialled INVAR and three years later, we’re still with them!”

Michael Klidas Michael Klidas CFO
RiseBoro Community Partnership

Working with INVAR has benefited us in so many ways

We have a really good relationship with INVAR Technologies. They have taken a huge weight off of our minds. INVAR is worlds apart from our previous MSP provider.

When INVAR came on-board, they were quick to get started. The team evaluated our initial assessment and showed us where they could make some immediate fixes.

The team created a roadmap to evaluate what could be done now and later, with budgets and timescales included. The first project involved moving our servers onto the cloud. This was completed within the first 6 months, making the system easier to manage and allowing us to make some of the changes which were needed to be compliant with the NYDFS regulation.

Marcus Berkowitz Marcus Berkowitz VP, Technology & Innovation
Grameen America

One of the first things INVAR did, saved us $12,000

During the review stage, they also addressed some real liabilities that we weren’t aware of. INVAR put a band aid on those issues until they could be repaired and replaced properly. If we hadn’t have known about them and the systems failed, our business would have grounded to a halt.

There are so many benefits to working with INVAR:

  • They’ve made us much more efficient - in manufacturing as well as front office systems.
  • We now have a tremendous amount of data that we can use to analyze our business - without INVAR, we wouldn’t know as much about our business as we do today.
  • They’ve enhanced our technology in manufacturing to bring our company into the 21st century.
  • We don’t have to call them to tell them there’s an issue, they already know - they’re always in the background, monitoring our systems.
  • The cost savings we’ve made are incalculable, not only in actual cost but also in man hours saved.
Seth Mosner Seth Mosner Mosner Family Brands